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Real Truckers Choose FUSO!

FUSO CANTER Rent to Buy Program

Customer now could enjoy a brand new CANTER with desired specification. Insurance, license fee and maintenance are included.

New CANTER is equipped with 6 Safety Features, assuring you a safe and sound journey in the year.  Rental fee can be 100% replaced once customers decide to buy our CANTER truck on or before the end of the lease.

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Terms and conditions applied. Universal Cars Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Special Offer – Canter Trust Program

“Canter Trust” Program offers a 3-year guaranteed buy-back price and free maintenance free maintenance. Together with free-of-charge courtesy truck services, you can now own your truck without any worries!

FUSO Center Grand Opening

Universal Cars Limited has reached a milestone this year, and has announced a series of events to celebrate its 50 years of business. A grand opening ceremony of the newly built FUSO Centre in Yuen Long was held on October 4, 2018, accompanied with the soft launch of the FUSO Super Great as well as Courtesy Truck services.

Shing Fung Group

Shing Fung Group has been an experienced company that specializes in construction and mechanics. They have been using FUSO trucks as their fleet vehicles, in which one of their oldest truck is a 1994 FUSO elevator and is still functioning normally now. Their services include in rent, buy/sell professional water trucks, aerial platform trucks, self-propelled aerial platform, hydraulic crane, mobile make-up truck, generator truck, water tanks, water-pump related tools and many more.

Leung Kow Kee Transportation Co., Ltd.

Found in 1973, LKK is one of the government contract transportation companies. They provide local transportation services. They are equipped with several heavy, light vehicles and vans. Using FUSO trucks as their major fleet vehicles, the quantity of goods transported by the company can reach 100,000 Tons.

Man Fai Wan Su Mao Iek Hong

The rise of casino hotels in Macau granted opportunities for Man Fai’s business development. The reliability and low down-time of FUSO trucks were highly appreciated, hence FUSO has become the sole option for Man Fai’s fleet trucks. In 2017, Typhoon Hato drowned half of their fleet trucks, and UCL arranged manpower to fix them and return to normal operation. This has enhanced the relationship between UCL and Man Fai to a large extent.