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Fuso Value Parts

Fuso Value Parts are a new concept in maintenance parts. Their aim is to ensure reliable operation and increase your profitability. Offering quality equivalent to that of our genuine parts at a reasonable price.

Fuso Value Parts are an additional choice of parts for Fuso customers. The quality of FVPs is secured and approved by MFTBC, at the same time we achieved attractive prices for customers. FVPs are specifically for owners with vehicles after warranty. On top of our current product line, more parts are planned to come. Please check the link below for parts you are looking for!

When should you compromise on quality and value when it comes to parts you need to operate your business? The short answer is: never. With Fuso Value Parts, you are assured of authentic parts of the highest precision manufacturing guaranteed by Mitsubishi Fuso, without having to pay a premium. For excellent value at affordable prices, we have made the choice easy.

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