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    • eCanter

      Electric Light Duty

      Powering the Future of Logistics

      Powering the Future of Logistics
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*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only


New Power to Connect the Future of Logistics

The eCanter, the first Japanese electric truck to enter the Hong Kong market, is poised to meet a wide range of business needs with its cutting-edge technology and emission-free transportation. As we embark on an era of full-fledged e-mobility, the eCanter continues to drive the future of the logistics industry as a pioneer of decarbonized trucks.


Striking Exterior Design Befitting of the Next Generation EV

The front showcases the brand-new, powerful, and intrepid FUSO black belt. Combined with the key EV colors of orange and blue, the eCanter’s striking appearance befits the next generation of EV trucks.

LED Headlights with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Long lasting LED headlights come standard, improving nighttime visibility with their bright white light. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are also standard equipment, to support safe daytime driving.

LED Rear Combination Lamps

Includes brake lamps, tail lamps, turn signal lamps and back-up lamps. These lamps combine multiple functions in a single, integrated, sophisticated design as standard equipment. The lamps provide high visibility with a generous amount of light to catch the attention of surrounding vehicles.

*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only


The eCanter Evolves Further, with Mitsubishi Fuso’s Unique EV Technology

The eCanter supports two charging methods: normal charging and fast charging. Equipped with a charging connector for both methods on the right side of the vehicle, the eCanter can be easily recharged simply by connecting the plug. Depending on the environment and conditions of truck operation, both “normal” and “fast” charging methods can be used immediately.

* The illustration shows a wide cab, L-size battery, K scale, van body, special body color, special edition for photo shooting, fog lamps are factory-installed options, and dragfoilers are dealer options.


Compact Structure Realized by our Motor-Integrated “e-Axle”

The e-Axle, a newly developed component that integrates the axle, reduction gear, motor, and inverter, is used to achieve a compact structure without a propeller shaft. This contributes to the expansion of chassis deployment.


3 Battery Sizes to Support Your Selection From a Wide Range of Body Types

Three types of batteries are available to match a generous range of body variations and applications.

Efficient and Comfortable.
EV Technology Enables Even More Unique Functionality

Regenerative Brakes

When engaging the vehicle’s brakes, the generated braking force is used to charge the high-voltage battery at the same time. Active use of regenerative braking can contribute to improving electric power costs. Braking force can be changed in four levels, from no regeneration to strong regeneration. The shift lever is used to for these adjustments, which makes operating the system hassle-free.

Electric Hot-Water Heating (PTC Heater)

Heating is provided by hot water-based PTC heaters. If you wish to increase the cruising range, you can use the temperature control dial to lower the temperature setting or turn off the heater to divert power consumption to driving.

Battery Preconditioning

Preheating the on-board battery in time for departure ensures adequate performance at the start of winter driving. Preheating is done with the regular charger cable connected, so there is no consumption from the on-board battery and no effect on cruising range. The departure time can be set with a timer.

Dual Charging Ports for Normal and Fast Charging

Charging Ports

Compatible with normal charging (AC) and quick charging (DC). The two are different in size and pin positions are different, making it easy to find the matching port.

*Fast charging is compatible with the international standard “CCS Combo 2”.
*The locations of quick charging and normal charging differ depending on the car model.

Further Enhance EV Performance with Our Options

Power Extractor (ePTO)

Motorized ePTO for power extraction similar to diesel trucks. Equipped under the cab, it can drive specially equipped hydraulic pumps and refrigeration compressors. The existing system for diesel trucks can be used without modification. (High-voltage supply function is not available.)


*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only


An Array of Advanced Safety Features Come Standard, Protecting Those Inside and Outside the Vehicle

* The photo shows a standard cab, S-size battery, B scale, van body, special body color, special edition for photo shooting, fog lights are factory-installed options, and dragfoilers are a dealer-installed option.

 Active Sideguard Assist®1.0

Lowering the Risk of Left-Turn Accidents

When turning left or changing lanes to the left, the system uses lateral millimeter-wave radar to detect obstacles within the predicted range of the vehicle’s passage. The warning lamp on the passenger door pillar turns yellow to alert the driver. If the driver continues to steer to the left or operate the left turn signal, the system alerts the driver with a buzzer and the lamp flashes red. Furthermore, if the left turn is made, the damage mitigation brake is activated to bring the vehicle to an emergency stop to mitigate the damage.

*Active Sideguard Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Primary warning: If a pedestrian or car is detected in the left direction while driving, the lamp on the passenger-side pillar turns yellow.
Secondary warning: If a left turn is subsequently made or the left turn indicator is operated, the warning lamp will turn red and a buzzer will sound.
Brake activation: If the driver continues to turn left despite the sound of the alarm, the damage mitigation brake is activated.

Active Sideguard Assist 1.0 Detection Illustration

Left Turn

Left Turn

Left Lane Change

■ Active Side Guard Assist 1.0 assists drivers in preventing and does not enable drivers to fall asleep at the wheel or look away from the road. It is not intended to enable drowsy or blind driving. It does not enable drowsy or blind driving. Recognition performance has limitations. Do not overconfidently trust the system. When driving, be sure to check the safety of your surroundings and drive safely. and drive safely.

ABA®5:Active Brake Assist 5

Detects vehicles and pedestrians to help avoid collisions and mitigate damage

A forward recognition camera and high-precision millimeter wave radar detect moving vehicles, stationary vehicles, and pedestrians*1 in front of the vehicle. If the system detects a potential collision, it alerts the driver according to the distance between vehicles and driving conditions, and automatically activates the brakes*2 to help avoid a collision or mitigate damage from a collision.

*1 Only moving persons are detected. *2 Certain conditions apply for activation. ABA® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

■ The system may not be activated depending on the conditions of vehicles and pedestrians in front, road conditions, weather, vehicle condition, driver’s driving condition, etc. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.
■ The system does not avoid collision or mitigate damage from collision in all situations, and its recognition and control performance is limited. When driving, always check the safety of your surroundings and keep a sufficient distance between vehicles.

Image: Detects vehicles and pedestrians*3 in front of the vehicle and assists in collision avoidance and mitigation by warning and braking

*3 Pedestrians are detected only for moving persons and are handled by the 1st STEP and 2nd STEP shown in the figure.

Active Attention Assist®

Driving condition is monitored, including the amount of steering, lane change rate, and average vehicle speed, while driving. The system also uses a face recognition camera to detect the driver’s eye gazing and eyelid movements.

* Availability subject to model
* Active Attention Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

■ Active Attention Assist is a system that assists safe driving by alerting the driver to a decline in driving attention. Please do not be overconfident and drive safely by taking appropriate rest periods as necessary during driving. The system does not operate at low speeds.

IHC: Intelligent Headlight Control

A camera mounted on the windshield detects traffic conditions ahead and ambient brightness to control high/low beams. The system automatically switches to high beams on dark roads, such as when there are no streetlights, and automatically switches to low beams in brightly lit areas, such as when there are oncoming cars or vehicles in front of the vehicle.

■The automatic switching control by Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC) has limitations depending on the situation. Always check the surrounding conditions and perform the switching operation manually if necessary.

Vehicle Stability Control System (ESP®)

Sensors constantly detect the vehicle’s orientation. If there is a risk of skidding or rolling over on curves, the system optimizes the driving force of the motor and the braking force of the four wheels for safety.

* ESP® is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

■ ESP® is not a device that enables driving beyond the limits. ESP® is effective only to the extent that the tires do not exceed their grip limits. Do not overconfidently trust ESP®, and be sure to drive safely by slowing down sufficiently on slippery road surfaces and before curves.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

If a vehicle veers out of its lane without operating the turn signal on the highway, etc., the white line recognition camera detects the veer (and also detects yellow lines). The system alerts the driver with a buzzer and full LCD meter to encourage safe driving.

■ LDWS is activated at vehicle speeds of 60 km/h or higher. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.
■ LDWS is intended to assist safe driving and is not a device that enables drowsy or blind driving. LDWS cannot assist driving when white or yellow lines cannot be recognized due to snowfall, snow cover, flooding, backlighting, etc., nor can it assist driving in poor visibility conditions such as rain or fog. Please operate the steering wheel according to the surrounding conditions and drive safely.

Even More Standard-Equipped Advanced Safety Functions

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

The electric motor helps make various operations easy on the driver. Stable braking force is also provided when parking on a slope and the parking brake is automatically activated when the P-range button is pressed.

LED Rear Combination Lamp

Stop lamps, tail lamps, turn (direction indicator) lamps, and back-up lamps. The lamps combine multiple functions in a single, integrated, sophisticated design as standard equipment. The brilliant luminescence and excellent lighting response of the stop lamps contribute to visibility from following vehicles.

* Lights shown illuminated for the purpose of photography.

High Voltage Cutoff Switch

An emergency stop switch is provided on the right side of the vehicle to shut off the high-voltage power supply from outside the vehicle in the event of an accident or other emergency. By pressing this red button in an emergency, the high-voltage power supply is shut off, eliminating the risk of electric shock.

■ Do not press this switch except in case of an accident. If the high-voltage cutoff switch is pressed, it will not automatically recover. After entering the garage for maintenance, the diag code (DTC) must be erased.

Vehicle Proximity Alert System (AVAS)

Since EV trucks make little noise while driving, people outside the vehicle are less likely to notice an approaching truck. The eCanter emits a sound in front of the vehicle while driving at 20 km/h or less to alert pedestrians and other people outside the vehicle of the vehicle’s presence. When backing up, the eCanter emits a similar sound to make pedestrians aware and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

* Deactivation is not possible. The volume cannot be changed.

■ AVAS is a system to warn drivers of approaching vehicles and is not intended to prevent collisions. When driving, be sure to check the safety of your surroundings and drive safely.

LED Headlights/Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

In addition to their long life, LED headlights are standard equipment to improve nighttime visibility with their bright white light. In addition, daytime running lights (DRL) are also standard equipment. The DRLs are always on, even during daytime driving, to support safe driving. The lights come on when the key is turned on and turn off when the position lamps or fog lamps are turned on.

* Availability of fog lamps are subjected to models.
* Turn (directional) lamps are turned on for the purpose of photography.

*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only


Upgraded Interior for Superior Driver Comfort

Orange accents are used as a key color throughout the interior to convey agility and activity. In addition, meticulous attention has been given to driver comfort in the interior design. The multifunction dashboard, seamlessly integrated with the steering wheel, along with the 10-inch LCD display, offers a wealth of driving information and safety prompts.

* Includes some factory-installed options.
* The Bluetooth® wordmark and logo are registered trademarks and are the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation uses these marks and logos under license.

Modern Interior Design Blends Beautiful Styling and Functionality

Flowing black wing lines from the dashboard to the left and right pillar grips. This modern design simply integrates beautiful styling and functionality. The key color orange is used throughout to express a sense of active, agile movement and work, as well as easy-to-understand operation. The interior is befitting of an EV truck for a new era.

* Depicted specification for illustrative purposes only

Meter design consistent with the dashboard wing line. Graphics that emphasize a sense of precision and improve the visibility of letters and icons.

* Depicted specification for illustrative purposes only

An Interior that Shapes Your Driving Experience with Purpose and Comfort

Driving Status at a Glance via the Full LCD Display

Equipped with a full 10-inch LCD display with excellent visibility and user interface, your vehicle status can be checked at a glance. A multi-information display that allows the user to check vehicle information and change function settings is also included. The multi-information display can be linked to the steering wheel switches to display menu screens and make system changes and other settings.

Steering Wheel Switches for Effortless Operation

Menu selection in the full LCD  meter can be operated without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

FUSO Easy Access System

FUSO Easy Access Key

Lock/Unlock Switch (Door Nob)

Starter Switch

Keyless entry is possible by simply pushing the lock/unlock switch on the doorknob while the FUSO Easy Access Key is in a pocket or other location, allowing the doors to be locked and unlocked. It is also possible to lock/unlock the doors by remote control operation from near the vehicle.
To start the motor, simply turn the starter switch on the steering column. This system can be conveniently utilized for work that requires repetitive getting in and out of the vehicle, starting and stopping, such as deliveries in the city.

■ Designed with Theft Protection in Mind
The FUSO Easy Access Key is also equipped with an immobilizer (anti-theft device) function. A mechanical key is also available in case the batteries run out.

* Standard equipment on all models.
* Even if the FUSO Easy Access Key is in the operating range, if it is too close to the door glass or steering wheel, the key will not operate properly. If the key is too close to the door glass or steering wheel, it may not work properly. Please refer to the operation manual for details. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.
*Persons using implantable medical devices (e.g., implantable cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators [ICDs], etc.) should not come within 22cm of the system’s antenna. This may affect the operation of your medical device. For more information, consult professional medical advice.

Easy-to-use Features and Standard Equipment to Support Your Daily Operations

*Photo shows wide cab.

*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only


Supporting Vehicle Management with Advanced Digital Technology

The eCanter is equipped with FUSO’s unique remote digital solution “Truckonnect®️”. You can check vehicle information, including remaining battery power, vehicle status, range, etc., via the Internet anytime, anywhere, allowing you to quickly respond to different business situations and improve operational efficiency.

*Standard equipment (10 years from purchase)
*Truckonnect® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Safety Plus

■ Ensure driver safety through real life events, detailed safe drive analysis and overall safety score

Fuel Save

■ Monitor fuel efficiency of fleet or single truck

■ Analyze monthly revolution

Track and Trace

■ Provide real time location of all trucks

■ Provide daily trips including safety routes and safety relevant events

Fleet Management

■ Monitor fleet performance accordingly to distance drive, running & idling time


■ Increase uptime and service through assistant center# that connect instantly if issues occurred

#Provided by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation Customer Assistance Center.

*Vehicle configurations for illustrative purposes only

Above information refers to the Japanese version and is provided by the manufacturer. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy, the final approved local version shall prevail. Universal Cars Limited reserves the right for any adjustment without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Universal Cars Limited shall be final.