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First bus with Total Safety Driving Assistance System in Hong Kong
FUSO Hong Kong launches the new Rosa

  • The first bus in Hong Kong applying Total Safety Driving Assistance System
  • 4 unique Total Safety Driving Assistance System
  • Driver’s Seat SRS Airbag System
  • Additional front stabilizer bar strengthens the ride comfort and stability
  • New exterior design with LED headlamps, fog lamps, tail lamps and room lamps, higher energy efficiency and brighter illumination with lower maintenance costs
  • Brand new driver cockpit and dashboard with In-Vehicle Information System, provides clear driving information and safety alerts
  • New ergonomic gearshift lever design reduces driving fatigue

Brand new FUSO Rosa debuts in Hong Kong with a revolutionary appearance and Total Safety Driving Assistance System. It will be the first bus in Hong Kong providing comprehensive safety driving system that plays a leading role in strengthening passengers and driver’s safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

4 unique safety equipment
Advanced Emergency Brake System (AEBS)
The AEBS works in 3 stages of warning or automatic braking to prevent a collision with a forward vehicle or reduce the impact by decelerating the collision speed.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
The LDWS warns the driver when the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without a turn signal in that direction.
*LDWS operates when the vehicle speed exceeds 60 km/h

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)
Based on signals from the ESP® sensor, system helps to reduce the engine output and controls the brakes to prevent the vehicle from rolling over, drifting out, or spinning out of the intended driving course.

Hill Start Assist System (DUONIC) / EZGO (MT)
The Hill Start Assist system supports the driver to perform a smooth uphill start without worrying about stalling the engine and rolling back.

Sophisticated design
The Rosa features an all-new front fascia. The body is shaped aerodynamically with a rounded front end that helps reduce air drag and thus fuel consumption.

New LED headlamps and fog lamps projects an advanced image and offers improved visibility and longer service life. Driver is easier to see the road and traffic ahead.

The cockpit updates with a new streamlined dashboard design. The ergonomic gearshift lever is now mounted on the dashboard, driving position is greatly improved and thus reduce driving fatigue. In-Vehicle Information System is equipped to provide more driving information and safety alerts

Environmental friendly, Safe and Stable
New FUSO Rosa is powered by Euro VI 2.988-litre diesel engine, capable of producing a maximum output of 175 PS at 3,500 rpm and generating a maximum torque of 43.8 kg-m. The exclusive Duonic automated (+/-) gearbox is easy to control with a smoother operation and longer service life, thanks to reduced frictions between clutch discs.

Rosa adopts “BlueTec® technology” – a cutting edge technology used to break down harmful chemicals during emission and improves air quality. A range from 8 to 29 seats capacity suits all types of business needs. Rehabilitation bus is also available for community needs.

Stability and safety are of utmost importance. Driver’s seat SRS Airbag together with the Total Safety Driving Assistance System reduce the risk of traffic accidents. Additional front stabilizer bar strengthens the driving stability and enhance the passengers’ satisfaction on the ride.

FUSO has launched External Warranty program, assuring you the highest standard of sales and aftersales service. We are welcome for your visits and valuable suggestions.

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