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Trusted Quality

FUSO products offer ultimate reliability and durability, which translates into payload and uptime for our customers. To ensure our vehicles keep delivering profits, FUSO applies the Commercial Vehicle Development System (CVDS) and its clearly defined quality gates from project launch to start of production, guarantee our product maturity and quality. R&D expertise from around the world is exchanged and implemented to ensure our customers are benefiting from the most advanced designs and materials.

The Truck Operating System (TOS), also a global Daimler method, adopts manufacturing methods from the best plants in the world and serves as a benchmark to ensure highest performance and continuous improvement in meeting our objectives in terms of safety, quality, cost, delivery, environment and employee morale. FUSO plants consistently rank as one of the leanest in global benchmarks.

Our Kitsuregawa Proving Ground is the largest of its kind in Japan and within Daimler Trucks and helps us test our products under severe and standardized conditions. Our efforts pay off: FUSO products constantly rank first in residual values and often live a second life after being exported from their original country.