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  • Rocca & Friends

Get to Know Rocca & Friends, Kyoto coffee shop Inside a FUSO Truck.

I am the shop manager at Rocca and Friends Truck. My name is Hikaru Minaguchi. In February, We started Rocca and Friends Truck 2018 and it has been 2 years since we’ve opened.

Getty Images / Adrian Dennis / AFP

What is your line of business?

Rocca and Friends Truck was inspired by the scenery of Kyoto. With that concept in mind, we offer drinks such as coffee, Japanese tea, and matcha. Because we get a lot of customers from all over the world, to taste the unique qualities of Kyoto we develop new drinks on a daily basis, and run our business through trial and error.

Why inside a truck?

I think the truck style, impresses a lot of people. The truck is close to many sightseeing spots so it blends with the tourist attractions. The ease for many people of dropping by a coffee stand is something I find very important.

Getty Images / Adrian Dennis / AFP

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