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Policy for Personal Information Protection

Revised: April 10, 2012

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (hereinafter referred as the Company) may request its customers for their personal information through business activities.

The Company recognizes the importance of personal information protection, and herein discloses its policy for protection of customers’ personal information.

1. The Company will not use its customers’ personal information other than for the purposes listed below.

  1. Announcement of new products, periodic check, vehicle inspection, service, etc.
  2. Announcement of estimate of the Company-selling new and used vehicles, parts, vehicle inspection, etc.
  3. Provision of information for insurance companies’ (mutual aid associations’) products such as non-life insurance (fraternal insurance), life insurance and accompanying/related services.

    Names of insurance companies (mutual aid associations)

    Non-life insurance Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., NIPPONKOA Insurance Co., Ltd., Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd., Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
    Mutual aid association Hokkaido Truck Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Chubu Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Mie Prefecture Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Chugoku Truck Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Shikoku Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Kyushu Truck Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative, Minami-Kyushu Traffic Mutual Aid Cooperative
    Life insurance Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sonpo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance,Inc, Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd., MetLife Alico Life Insurance K.K.

    (Usage purposes of the companies are stated on the website of each company.)

  4. Announcement of various applications/enrollment and implementation of contract procedure.
  5. Announcement of items regarding purchase of product and after-sales services, and implementation of procedures.
  6. Responses and answers to customers’ submission/inquiry.
  7. Announcement of various events/campaign, and shipping of products, etc.
  8. Research on product development and customer satisfaction.
  9. Credit examination and administration.
  10. Safety measure for the Company-made vehicles; early repair activity of vehicles subject to recall, improvement measure and service campaign, and provision of information according to article 57, paragraph 2 of the Road Transportation Vehicle Law.
  11. Creation of statistical information to be utilized for improvement of services by the Company, and dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates.
  12. Creation of statistical information to be utilized for development of new products by the Company, and dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates.
  13. For the usage purposes that the Company has expressed, notified of announced to the customers separately.
  14. In case provision of the information is permitted by law.
    The usage purposes listed above may change within reasonable range that there is adequate relativity. In case the usage purposes are changed, the Company will, in principle, inform the customers in writing or post it on the website (
  15. Provision of personal information listed below to the Company’s exclusive dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates in writing or by electronic media. However, the provision will be cancelled by request of the customers.
    (Items to be provided)
    Full name, date of birth, contact information such as address and phone number, and information regarding customers’ request/inquiry/trade.

2. The Company will not provide its customers’ personal information to other companies and a third party, except in the case listed below.

  1. In case the Company has the customers’ agreement.
  2. In case the Company outsources handling of personal information to the extent of accomplishment of the usage purpose.
  3. In case the following events occur, the Company may share customers’ personal information with other companies in the branch of Japan Automobile Dealers Association the Company affiliated for the purpose of using it as reference materials for credit administration and dealing after contract.

    1. In case a customer or his/her guarantor dishonors a draft or check drawn on the Company, or the payment is suspended.
    2. In case a customer or his/her guarantor requests grace for all or part of payment and the Company accepts it.
    3. In case a customer or his/her guarantor is late in payment in the dealing with the Company because of personal reasons.
    4. In case a customer or his/her guarantor files for bankruptcy, court protection, company consolidation or special liquidation, or the business license is revoked by authorities.

    Information to be shared: (name, address, date of birth, telephone number, workplace, contract date of this trade, product name, amount of contract, number of payment, contract balance, status of monthly payment, etc) The responsibility for the sharing of customers’ personal information lies with the Company.

  4. In case the information is provided to the Company’s exclusive dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates by the above-listed 1.(14).
  5. In case business succession is implemented for the reasons of merger, corporate division, transfer of business etc.
  6. In case provision of the information is permitted by law.

3. The company will work to avoid chance of leakage, alternation, loss etc. of customers’ personal information by implementing appropriate safety countermeasures.

4. The Company will conduct an audit of personal information handling periodically and will work for ongoing improvement.

5. The Company will comply with domestic laws and other regulations regarding handling of customers’ personal information.

6. The Company will promptly respond to complaints/consultation regarding handling of personal information.

7. The company will disclose personal information of its customers in case they wish for confirmation, correction, etc. of own personal information, by submission of a document specified by the Company. Please contact the customer’s service listed below to request documents specified by the Company such as Disclosure Request Form. In case of disclosure request, please prepare identification (driver’s license etc.) For your information, 1050 yen will be charged per item for personal information disclosure.

8. Contact for handling personal information:

For inquiries regarding personal information handled by dealers, please call each dealer at phone numbers listed in “B. Dealer contact number” given below. For inquiries regarding other personal information, please contact “A. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Customer Center”.

A: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Customer Center:
Toll-Free Service 0120-324-230 (Domestic Only)
Office Hours Monday-Friday (Excluding Holidays) 9:00~12:00, 13:00~17:00

Please note that your calls to this center and telephone number displayed through caller ID function are recorded for contents confirmation and future contact.

B: Regional Sales Center Contact Number
Hokkaido Fuso 011-821-2222
Hokuriku Fuso 076-252-1111
Tohoku Fuso 022-284-252-1111
Kinki Fuso 06-6477-3111
Kita-Kanto Fuso 028-653-1111
Chyugoku Fuso 082-885-3911
Koshin Fuso 026-286-2288
Nishi-Shikoku Fuso 089-972-1151
Minami-Kanto Fuso 03-6906-0002
Kyusyu Fuso 092-641-8181
Tokai Fuso 052-823-0211

Japan Automobile Dealers AssociationCertified Personal Information Protection Organization: Consumer Advisory Service TEL 03-5733-3105