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Diesel Particulate Filter

Automatically regenerated DPF
The automatically regenerated DPF significantly reduces PM. Practicable operations, such as the DPF data display on the Ivis, prolonged intervals of regeneration, and suppression of oil dilution has been refined.

* DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter

Mechanism of Automatically regenerated DPF
The PDF system is composed of a robust oxidation catalyst for continuous cleansing of PM and a ceramic filter for trapping and burning the remaining soot.

* DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter

Image of Automatically regenerated DPF
The PM accumulated on the filter is burned by exhaust gas to regenerate the filter.

Continuous regeneration (Intervention of Driver is not needed.)
The exhaust gas becomes hot during high-speed driving, and PM is continuously burned and removed.

Automatic regeneration (Intervention of Driver is not needed.)
The exhaust gas does not get hot enough for continuous regeneration during driving on urban streets, so the engine raises the temperature of exhaust gas to allow automatic regeneration.

Manual regeneration
The DPF indicator flickers when the exhaust gas is not hot enough for automatic regeneration due to a traffic jam, etc. Stop the vehicle at a safe place, and press the DPF Cleaning Switch continuously to start manual regeneration of the filter.

* Restrictions may be imposed when driving is continued while the DPF indicator flickers.

Automatically regenerated DPF data is displayed on the Ivis
The volume of PM accumulated on the DPF, regeneration status, request for manual regeneration, and other data are displayed on the Ivis in the meter panel.

PM Volume indication
Select the “DPF accumulation” mode button to display the volume of PM on the filter. When the volume reaches the predefined level, the indicator changes its color from green to orange and starts flickering to request manual regeneration.

Control of Oil Dilution
Reductions in post injection during automatic regeneration improve fuel efficiency and significantly reduce oil dilution.

Maintenance Free Filter
Optimization of the ceramic filter capacity makes filter cleaning unnecessary, improving the operation rate and reducing maintenance costs.

Prolonged Intervals of Automatic/Manual Regeneration
Improved accuracy of the automatically regenerated system significantly prolongs the intervals of automatic and manual regeneration.