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To provide caring and comprehensive aftersales service to all FUSO Members, and let the public to know more about FUSO’s news. Click the picture and download the app :


FUSO Care breaks with convention and launches a unique 3S mobile platform (Sales, Service and Spare parts) for FUSO trucks & buses, providing comprehensive vehicle services and information for new / used vehicle owners and the public respectively to fulfil different needs. The followings are the main features and functions of FUSO Care:

  1. Service appointment – Schedule service appointment instantly to save time from cumbersome application procedure. You can also appoint your contact person to send the vehicle to our centre through this app.
  2. Maintenance / operation information – Review maintenance / operation information at all times and places, giving you a hustle free journey.
  3. Recall service notification – Receive notification when there is a recall service required on your vehicle.
  4. Instant chat with Technical Consultant / Sales Representative – Instantly chat with us on vehicle maintenance or sales enquiries.
  5. FUSO news – Obtain handy information on latest recommended offers and exclusive activities.
  6. Contact FUSO – Obtain handy information on FUSO Showroom and Service Centres.

FUSO CARE Privacy Policy

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